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Clearing trademarks efficiently with i-Search

Today’s trademark landscape is expanding and changing like never before. The task of researching and protecting your trademark becomes increasingly complex. i-Search helps you to efficiently select trademarks available for registration.

It contains trademark availability searches with legal opinion. i-Search is most suitable for large international search projects. Major well known brand owners and law firms already trust in
i-Search to save time and money. In a single report, you will receive

  • international trademark searches
  • national reviews and analyses by experienced local lawyers
  • résumé on the overall availability of your trademark

i-Search lets you spend more time doing what you do best - advising your clients and building your business.

Legal opinion: What does it contain?

i-Search contains one legal opinion per country and a concluding legal opinion on the overall availability of your trademark across jurisdictions. Legal opinions consist of:

  • Inherent Registrability: Is the proposed trademark distinctive enough to qualify for registration?
  • Linguistic Remarks: What are potential meanings or connotations of the proposed trademark locally? Are there any undesired connotations?
  • Availability for use and registration: Are there any prior rights that may constitute bars to the use and registration of the proposed trademark? Details of the relevant marks are being given.
  • Result: All aspects mentioned are summarized. An advice is given on whether or not to proceed with the proposed trademark.

The legal opinion is provided by our network of local attorneys. Each of them is an expert in his national trademark law and practice.

We will be happy to demonstrate how i-Search can increase efficiency of your trademark work. Please call us to make an appointment.


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Optional Add-On: in-use searches

In-use searches examine the use or non-use of particular trademarks of interest. They are conducted via internet as well as in numerous databases completed by telephone inquiries of the relevant retailers or whole sellers as well as trademark owners. For the pharmaceutical area, we offer special in-use searches conducted in the IMS file only. Click here for prices...